Air Duct Cleaning – spring special, $195.00. Price includes unlimited vents and returns.

Our technicians comply with the highest standards and use the latest cleaning technology to determine the root of your problem.  We will also check the air handling unit's housing, fan motors, drain pans, heating & cooling coils, heat exchangers, supply/return ducts, and your registers.


Dryer vent cleaning - $99.00

A simple dryer vent cleaning from Tri-state can improve the efficiency of your dryer by 25%.  Regular maintenance is recommended about once a year depending on the length and number of turns in your line and can also help prevent your dryer for over-heating.


Duct System Sanitation - $175.00

Tri-State uses air duct sanitizer to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms in your air duct system.  The "fogging" process safely coats the inside of your drip pan, cooling coils and ducts to kill yeasts, fungi, mildew, mold and bacteria safely and effectively


Furnace cleaning - $210.00

Regular furnace cleaning can extend the life and efficiency of your furnace, as well as help lower your monthly electric bill.  Dust and dirt can lower the efficiency of your blower motor.  Quality Air will thoroughly check all of the components of the furnace to insure that it is running at its peak, optimal level.

Motor Blower Cleaning - $135.00

Our technicians will remove the motor from your blower unit and thoroughly clean the housing and fan assembly.  This preventative maintenance will help insure optimal efficiency from your blower motor.


UV Air Purification unit - $560.00

UV Air Purification presents virtually no health risks to humans and effectively destroys mold and bacteria species on a molecular level.  Installing a UV Air Purification system will destroy these health risks before they even have a chance to be spread throughout your home.